Our Vision, Mission and Values

History of the Trust

Tūwharetoa ki Kawerau Hauora Trust was founded by Adelaide Savage on the 26th of June 1996.

Prior to establishing the Hauora Adelaide sought permission from Te Rūnunga o Tūwharetoa ki Kawerau to use the Iwi name “Tūwharetoa ki Kawerau”. Permission was granted to do this and it was agreed that the Trust would operate as an autonomous entity. In 2002 the Trust changed its name to Tūwharetoa ki Kawerau Health, Education and Social Services Trust.

Since its inception the Trust has been serving the people residing within Kawerau and the wider Eastern Bay of Plenty community providing Health, Education and Social Services. Tūwharetoa Ki Kawerau Health, Education & Social Services Trust is a registered charitable entity. For more information visit the Charities Register at www.charities.govt.nz

Vision Statement

Ko te noho ōranga o te whānau o te Tinana o te Hinengaro o te Wairua e tau ai te Mauri mō ngā tāngata katoa.

Whānau wellbeing is the unity of body, mind and spirit. The life force for all people.

Mission Statement

The Trust will provide quality Health, Education and Social Services within the rohe of Tūwharetoa ki Kawerau and the Eastern Bay of Plenty that reflects Te Taha Tinana, Te Taha Hinengaro, Te Taha Wairua me Te Taha Whānau.

Kia pono ki te atua, kia pono ki te iwi, kia pono ki te hapū, kia pono ki ngā tāngata katoa.


The Trust acknowledges the following principles that underpin how we engage with all people

Our Values Kowhaiwhai has been illustrated especially to capture these principles.

Values Korowai Diagram
  • 1


    Leadership and the ability to keep people together - We will foster and grow leaders at all levels of our organisation, rowing together in one direction.

  • 2


    Collective connectedness with strong respectful relationships - We will work collaboratively within and across teams caring for ourselves and our whānau.

  • 3


    Guardianship and stewardship - We will manage the Trust resources for the benefit of our community and people.

  • 4


    Meeting and caring for people’s needs on every level - We will care for people by demonstrating empathy and understanding.

  • 5

    Tika and Pono

    Honesty, Integrity and Respect - We will be open, transparent and accountable in our decisions.

  • 6


    Love and affection for people - Whakaiti, demonstrating humility and compassion in both attitude and actions.

  • 7


    Warm and hospitable - We will entertain guests/whānau/all people's with care, generosity and a warm reception.

  • 8


    Aspire and hope for a promising future - We will collaborate and work in partnership with others to make a difference in the outcomes for our people and communities.

Reflecting our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision and mission statements define the Trust’s perception of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

They guide our activities and set our direction for the future. Our values are embedded in our culture as the backbone of our organisation’s conduct, reflecting our sense of duty and responsibility in upholding our commitment towards contributing to the well-being of the people residing within the area of Tūwharetoa ki Kawerau and the wider Eastern Bay of Plenty community.

Philosophy and Purpose of the Trust

The Trust’s Kaupapa reflects our understanding that everything people think, feel, do, say and value impacts on their overall state of health and wellbeing.