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Alcohol & Drug Counselling – Youth and Adult Services

Youth and Adult AOD services provide strategies to prevent and intervene with potential substance abuse issues, reducing harm caused by alcohol and drug use with the support of brief interventions for relapse and follow-up. Our staff can make referrals into residential treatment if required.

Alcohol & Drug Triage Services - Community Probation Services

This service provides AOD assessments for those offenders with community-based sentences. Our assessor is co-located within Probation Offices in Whakatane, Opotiki and Kawerau and the service is only accessible via a Probation Officer in the above locations.

Elderly Abuse & Response Services

No matter how old we are, we are all entitled to be treated as full members of our communities. Elder abuse is widespread and impacts everyone in our community. We can reduce the risk of elder abuse by putting systems in place that can prevent abuse from the start. For example, we can create community supports and services for caregivers and older people that can reduce the risk factors tied to elder abuse (such as social isolation).

Koroua & Kuia Support

This service provides meaningful activity and health education and support to Kaumatua living within Kawerau and surrounding districts. This service aims to enhance positive social and functional activities for Kaumatua through mentally and socially stimulating programmes. Individual health plans are a key component of this service to help improve the health status of participating Kaumatua.

Counselling Services

Counselling is a space where you can be you, to discuss problems and any difficult feelings, being listened to without any judgement, in a safe and confidential environment. Counselling is helpful for anxiety; stress; low mood/depression; abuse (either physical, psychological, emotional or sexual); grief and loss; trauma; anger; having suicidal thoughts, or if you want someone to confide in rather than whanau or friends.

Family Violence Programme

We offer Te Maro Motuhake – a non-violence program for men and women who have been directed by the Court or the Department of Corrections to undertake a non-violence programme. Our team can complete an assessment and provide a monitored programme to meet your needs and the requirements of the agency that has directed you to attend. The program offers strategies and tools to keep you and your whanau safe from family harm.

Intensive Whānau Support

We work with you and your whānau to prevent recurring violence by supporting you to create strategies of whanau resilience that are tailored to suit your whānau. The plans are whānau led to support your whānau needs and goals. The service can provide Tikanga based approaches that provide re-connection to Whakapapa, Tikanga mo Te Reo Maori and other long-term change.

Māori Health Service Coordination

We can help improve your access to primary medical and community health facilities by providing community-based assessments, co-ordination and referrals into other services. We offer whānau support and advocacy through education and promotion.

Needs Assessment & Service Coordination

NASC is a community-based assessment and coordination service that is accessible, co-ordinated and provided from a Kaupapa Māori framework and responsive to the needs of whānau. We can assist you to access a range of community-based resilience-, recovery- and support-focussed services that will enable people with mental illnesses to lead their lives as independently and productively as possible.